Scott MacDonald

Illustrator Designer Animator

Airstream Workspaces - Unused Bloomberg Businessweek Illustrations.

Some unused illustrations I did around this time last year for Bloomberg Businessweek. They were for an article about people who had turned their airstreams into mobile work spaces and were living and working where ever was most convenient .

The Art Director on the project came up with idea of illustrating Airstreams converted into traditional businesses in an over the top way . I remember only having the weekend to get this done so it was pretty rushed and in the end the Art Director was happy with the final images, but unfortunately at the last minute the Editor thought an article about Airstreams should have photos of Airstreams so that there was no confusion. I can understand that and at least these can see the light of day on here.

I also couldn’t help myself and snuck my dog and I into the barbershop scene and Rocky Balboa training in the freezer of the butcher shop.

  • 2 September 2013
  • 300